Headlines from China: A Look at The Highest-grossing Chinese Actors

Left to right: Wujing, Huang Bo, Du Jiang

A Look at The Highest-grossing Chinese Actors

By the end of 2019, there are five Chinese actors whose lifetime box office gross have crossed the RMB 10 billion mark. Wolf Warrior 2, Wandering Earth star Wu Jing topped the chart with a cumulative RMB 16.4 billion box office earnings. Wu is followed by Huang Bo, who has played leading roles in such films as My People My Country, Crazy Alien, and Lost in Thailand and grossed RMB13.2 billion in total. Du Jiang ranked third place. He has acted in many “main-melody” blockbusters such as Operation Red Sea, The Capitan, Bravest, and My People My Country. However, he only played supporting roles in these movies. The fourth place is taken by Shen Teng, who starred in Never Say Die, Hello Mr. Billionaire, Pegasus, and Crazy Aliens. Mahua FunAge-produced comedy film Hello Mr. Billionaire is his biggest hit to date. No. 5 on the list is Deng Chao, the lead actor of Zhang Yimou’s Shadow, who eventually made into the list with the help of his self-directed film Looking Up. His top-grossing movie is Mermaid, which grossed RMB3.3 billion in 2016. Read more on 1905.com

Kevin Yau Named IQIYI’s VP of International Business

China’s leading streaming platform iQiyi has appointed Kevin Yau as the company’s VP of International Business as well as General Manager of iQiyi Thailand, according to a recent announcement. Yau will oversee iQiyi’s operations in Thailand and be responsible for the company’s strategic growth in this southeast Asian market. Kevin Yau joined iQiyi by way of BBC Studios where he was the senior VP and GM of Greater China. Read more on ifeng