Headlines from China: 988 Entertainment Companies Dissolved in Two Months

Image credit: wxs360

988 Entertainment Companies Dissolved in Two Months

According to the data provided by qcc.com, a total of 988 entertainment enterprises have filed dissolution between February 1st and March 20th this year. Many of these companies have only operated for five months before they closed their business. Besides these young companies, a few old brands that have been established for 10 to 20 years have also bid farewell to us. Read more on wxs360

Another Year of Battle for Chinese Music Streaming Platforms

2020 is said to be another big year for Chinese music streaming platforms. Over the past few years, Alibaba, Tencent and NetEase have used Chinese online music industry as another battleground to showcase their muscles. Undeniably, their ongoing corporate competitions have redefined the entire Chinese online music industry. With their old music licensing quickly came to an end, these music streaming platforms are expected to enter into another found of fierce competition with each other in 2020. Read more on yuledujiaoshou