Headlines from China: 5 Chain Reactions After Theaters’ Reopening

5 Chain Reactions After Theaters’ Reopening

If everything goes well, theaters in China will reopen at the end of May. Some analysts estimate that this year’s box office will not even reach thirty billion yuan, which is only half of last year’s total box office. Many people believe that this year’s crisis might set back the entire film industry to what it was 10 years ago. For many industry professionals, the real challenge might just start. Lack of new titles, limited seating in theaters, capital fleeting the industry, what are the five chain reactions that might come after theaters’ reopen? Read more ShenShuiYL

Zheng Kai’s New Sports Film Wrapped Production

The Chinese young actor Zheng Kai’s new sports film recently finished production. This film focuses its lens on the professional sprint athletes, and recounts a touching story of these people’s inspiring career life. Completed during the pandemic, this film’s production also went through many challenges. Faced with shortage of background actors, the production team even decided to have producers and directors to play in the film. Read more Mtime