Headlines from China: 15th Changchun Film Festival Kicked Off, 40 Classic Foreign Films to Be Screened

15th Changchun Film Festival Kicked Off, 40 Classic Foreign Films to Be Screened

Following the success of film festivals in Shanghai and Beijing, the 15th Changchun Film Festival in Northeast China’s Jilin Province kicked off its opening ceremony on Saturday. For 2020, the film festival set up a new unit that selected 40 films from among more than 600 classic films from abroad for the festival’s international film exhibition unit. The screenings for the unit include films that won awards or were shortlisted at world-renowned international film festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Venice and Toronto. The 4k restored version of classic films “Rebecca” starring Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine and “Sunset Boulevard” starring by William Holden and Gloria Swanson will also be screened at the festival, according to reports. Read more Deep Focus

27th Beijing College Student Film Festival Goes Online

A series of online activities, including film exhibitions and seminars featuring behind-the-scenes shots of crew and film cast members, are scheduled for the 27th Beijing College Student Film Festival, which began on Aug 26 and ends on Sept 19. Liu Lu, director of the film “Almost a Comedy”, Feng Huan, producer of “If You Are Happy”, Jiang Jianqiang, sound director of the crime film “Vortex”, and Liu Weiqiang, director of “The Captain”, will share their thoughts and feelings during production of their movies with the audience during the online seminars. Five youth-themed movies, “Einstein and Einstein”, “The Crossing”, “City of Rock”, “How Long Will I Love U” and “My Best Summer” will also hit the screen to turn a spotlight on the young people and the emerging young directors. Read more 1905.com