DAILY BRIEF: Sep 12, 2019


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    Imax’s Rich Gelfond, Megan Colligan Discuss Release Windows, China, MoviePass Echoes And More

    Speaking of China, the Imax execs said the ongoing trade war between the U.S. and China has not taken a toll. “I couldn’t be more positive about that market,” Gelfond said. Deadline

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    Paramount’s Jim Gianopulos Talks Viacom-CBS Deal, Streaming Wars and Box Office Slump

    Gianopulos touched on hot-button issues ranging from the prospect of changes to theatrical windows to the slow pace of U.S. trade negotiations with China to the upside for movies studios from the growth of exhibitor loyalty and subscription programs. Variety

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    Toronto: Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s ‘Earth’ Adds China Sales Deal

    “To the Ends of the Earth,” directed by Japan’s Kiyoshi Kurosawa has added a handful of international distribution deals. Rights were licensed by sales agent Free Stone Productions to mainland China’s Hugoeast, and by AV Jet for Taiwan. Variety

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    China Boosts Soft Power in Pakistan via Film and Social Media

    Over the past year, China has sent state-owned Pakistani Television Corporation PTV and other commercial television channels a series of documentaries, dramas and other television programming for free, officials from PTV told Reuters. Reuters

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    Golden Horse Awards boycott: why it will be business as usual between China, Taiwan film industries

    Beijing sees cultural exchanges as furthering its goal of reunification, says one, and Taiwanese films will still feature at two festivals in mainland China. South China Morning Post