DAILY BRIEF: Jul 11, 2019


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    In China, Censors Are Hollywood’s Best Friends

    U.S. blockbusters are thriving in China in part because of a growing crackdown on homegrown hits. Bloomberg

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    Mid-budget movies keep flopping. But STX Entertainment’s problems don’t end there

    In late 2015, the fledgling studio STX Entertainment was riding high on the success of its first movie, a well-reviewed low-budget thriller titled “The Gift.” It had grossed a healthy $44 million in domestic box-office revenue, following a red carpet premiere at L.A. Live. Los Angeles Times

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    China Loves New ‘Mulan’ Trailer, Except Its Historical Inaccuracies

    The internet in China has exploded with excitement over Disney’s viral new “Mulan” trailer, but some have bemoaned the glaring historical and geographical inaccuracies in the short clip, calling the mashup of unrelated Chinese-looking elements disrespectful. Variety

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    Tibetan filmmaker Pema Tseden on self-censorship, Chinese art-house film, and his late start in movies

    As a filmmaker you learn about the subject matter you’re allowed to tackle and that which you’re not, says director, whose sixth feature, Jinpa, opened recently. South China Morning Post

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    Meet Zhao Shuzhen, the Breakout Star of ‘The Farewell’

    One of the biggest breakthrough performances of the year comes in an unexpected package; the Sundance Film Festival favorite “The Farewell” introduces audiences to 75-year-old Chinese actress Zhao Shuzhen in her dazzling American film debut. Variety