DAILY BRIEF: Jun 12, 2018


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    A Love Story — the Indian movie that’s a loocrative hit in China

    Bollywood comes up smelling of roses with a feminist romcom that goes humorously where Chinese films can’t South China Morning Post

  • 2

    Drone Company DJI Releases Bonkers Kung Fu Film

    The Teacher puts two of DJI’s newer models — the Ronin 2 and Inspire 2 — through their paces, delivering some truly jaw-dropping visuals to complement a story that, uh, doesn’t really bother to make any sense. RADII

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    iQiyi Launches "Change Plus" Online Wallet to Integrate Entertainment and Financial Services

    iQiyi's "Change Plus" online wallet allows users to enjoy new membership benefits. Users who deposit a certain amount of money on iQiyi can enjoy all of iQiyi's VIP membership services and can deposit or withdraw their money at any time they want. Global Banking and Finance Review

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    More Chinese sponsors sign up for Fifa World Cup

    Two more Chinese brands, technology and entertainment company Luci and mens clothing brand Diking, have signed on as sponsors for the 2018 Fifa World Cup. The Drum

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    Now On Netflix: A Love Song To China’s Belt And Road Initiative

    In the scenic yet deadly high mountains of Gilgit, Pakistan, a Chinese backpacker and a Pakistani doctor are thrown together during a group-tour road trip and, in short order, improbably but inevitably fall in love. SupChina