DAILY BRIEF: Feb 12, 2019


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    Huayi Bros. Begins Shopping Guan Hu’s $80 Million War Epic ‘800’ in Berlin (EXCLUSIVE)

    Leading Chinese film studio Huayi Bros. has begun sounding out international distributors in Berlin about director Guan Hu’s $80 million war film “800.” It will be completed by midsummer and is one of the most anticipated Chinese titles of the year. Variety

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    Berlin: Sweet Charm Pictures Acquires Gary Oldman's 'The Courier' for China (Exclusive)

    The Oscar winner stars in the film as a ruthless drug lord whose murderous intentions are interrupted by an ordinary courier played by Olga Kurylenko. The Hollywood Reporter

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    Wang Xiaoshuai Tackles China’s Big Issues in ‘So Long, My Son’

    Already being tipped by some sources as the most beautiful movie in Berlin this year, “So Long, My Son” is Chinese director Wang Xiaoshuai’s biggest film to date. Biggest in terms of ambition, budget and scale. Variety

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    'The Shadow Play' review – money worship and gangster capitalism in China

    Director Lou Ye’s intriguing but exasperating drama focuses on criminal undertakings with overblown results. The Guardian

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    The Chinese Animation Dream: Making Made-in-China ‘Donghua’ Great Again

    Will the golden days of Chinese animation return? A short overview of the development of the Chinese animation market by What’s on Weibo. What's on Weibo