DAILY BRIEF: Jun 13, 2018


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    Internal Memo Reveals Tighter Regulations On Chinese Films And Television Dramas

    Censorship of Chinese films and TV programs has been bad recently, and it’s about to get worse. That’s the takeaway from an internal document circulating in the Chinese entertainment industry. SupChina

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    China's Love Of Wedding Photography Depicted In New Documentary At Sydney Film Festival

    A new documentary showcasing Chinas profound love of wedding photography will premiere at the Sydney Film Festival on Wednesday evening, with audiences buzzing about the behind-the-scenes look into the multi-billion dollar industry. Xinhua

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    100 Films to Flood Chinese Cinemas From June to August

    It can be easy for cinephiles to feel underwhelmed by what's on offer at multiplexes on the Mainland. However, we can all rejoice as a recent dry spell is about to end with 100 foreign and domestic films hitting the big screens from June to August, according to a report by China Film News. The Beijinger

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    Turns Out China Loves VR. Wires And Powerful Hardware, Less So.

    New research shows that China leads the world in buying standalone virtual reality (VR) headsets, with people who live there shunning traditional tethered devices for the likes of the HTC Vive Focus. The Register

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    Qingdao To Host SCO Film Festival

    The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) film festival is scheduled to be held in Qingdao, east China's Shandong Province from Wednesday to Sunday. This event, co-hosted by the State Film Administration and Shandong provincial government, aims to promote cooperation and exchange between SCO states, said Li Guoqi, deputy director of the State Film Administration. China Org