Headlines from China: Sina Corp., Owner of China’s Largest Social Media Platform Weibo, Receives Go-private Proposal 

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After 20 years on Nasdaq, China’s Sina Corporation is planning to delist from the US stock exchange amid the growing US-China tension. The company has received a go-private proposal from an entity led by the company's chairman and CEO Charles Chao. Read More

Headlines from China: Shanghai to Issue Subsidies to Help Cinemas Tide Over Pandemic Closures

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On Monday, the annual China Film Directors’ Guild Awards announced a preliminary list of 25 selected films to compete for this year’s awards in six categories, including the best director, film, actor, actress, emerging director and screenwriter of the year. Read More

Headlines from China: Hit Web Thriller ‘The Bad Kids’ Brings Tourism Boom to an Unknown City in Southwestern China

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Zhanjiang City, located in the southwestern corner of Guangdong Province, is used to be a relatively unknown city on the map for holiday travelers. Now hundreds of thousands of tourists are flocking into the city after they have seen the hit web drama “The Bad Kids”. Read More

Tencent Plays in U.S. With California Game Studio Launch

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Tech giant Tencent has opened a new studio in California to develop and publish top-notch games as it seeks to move beyond its home China market. Read More

Headlines from China: Shanghai International Film Festival Festival Could Happen in Late July, Talks Ongoing While Stock Price Surges

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Multiple news agencies have reported that the 23rd Shanghai International Film Festival could take place from July 18 to July 27, but sources close to the organization insisted that they are still talking with the government to get permission to host public film screenings. Read More

Headlines from China: Idol Competition Reality Show ‘Chuang 2020’ Warps With Lukewarm Reception

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Idol competition reality TV show “Chuang 2020”, the third season of the phenomenal reality show “Producer 101” that inaugurated China’s idol business in 2018, just wraps its final episode last Saturday. Read More

Headlines from China: Oscar Film Academy Invites New Members to Increase Diversity, Including a Number of Chinese Filmmakers

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has extended invitations to 819 artists and executives this year, including 15 Oscar winners to join the academy, according to the statement made by the organization on Tuesday. Read More

Headlines from China: Recap of the Online-Released Films in the First Half of 2020

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At a time when exhibitors are waiting for theater reopening, many films have turned to streaming websites and online release to make the best out of the current situation. According to statistics, the (online) box office income split grossed by all online-released films in the first season of 2020 has amounted to almost 500 million yuan in total. Read More

Headlines from China: 14th FIRST International Film Festival Announces Main Competition Nominations

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On Monday, the much-anticipated 14th FIRST International Film Festival announced the list of 2020 nominations for its main competition. Since the submission portal opened last December,  the festival has received a total of 895 applications, which was narrowed down to 643 valid applications after the pre-selection, including 100 feature films, 73 documentaries, and 470 short films. Read More

Headlines from China: Global Film Industry’s Reopening Postponed Again

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Out of an abundance of concerns amid the second spike in COVID-19 cases, Hollywood has decided to postpone again the theatrical release of the much-anticipated ‘Mulan’ and ‘Tenet’ until August 21st and August 12th respectively. Read More


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