Headlines from China: Media Measurement Company Fanink Released 2019 Chinese Moviegoers Analysis Report

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On Wednesday, Chinese media measurement company FanInk released an analysis report about China’s film and TV content consumers in 2019. Co-authored by Beijing Film Academy, FanInk’s report aims to provide film distributors and exhibitors with a more accurate and straightforward portrayal of Chinese film and TV content consumers. Read More

Baidu Beefs Up Development of Livestreaming and Short-Video Services

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Chinese internet search giant Baidu Inc. has pledged to plow massive resources into its short-video and livestreaming businesses, in a bid to gain a larger share of a sector dominated by ByteDance and Kuaishou. Read More

China’s Facebook Is Back. Why Doesn’t Anyone Care?

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Once valued at roughly $7.5 billion, Renren’s decline over the past decade is symbolic of the broader commercialization of social media spaces. Read More

Headlines from China: Web Film Market Experienced a Substantial Growth During First Business Quarter

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As online entertainment increased during the coronavirus outbreak, web film industry experienced a remarkable growth in the first quarter. Read More

Headlines from China: Five Box Office Hits to Be Re-released to Support Movie Theaters in China

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China Film Co.'s distribution arm in Beijing announced that the company would send the film prints of five box office hits to movie theaters for re-release. Read More

ByteDance-Owned TikTok Was World’s Most Downloaded Social Media App in January

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With 104.7 million downloads, TikTok became the world’s most downloaded social media app in January. The figure represented a 46% increase compared to the same month last year. Read More

Short Video, Gaming App Usage Surged During Holiday: report

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The Covid-19 outbreak is pushing China’s already tech-savvy population further online for entertainment, daily necessities, and even health care. Read More

China Brand Insider Is Now Content Commerce Insider

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Thank you for being a valued reader of China Brand Insider. To bring you greater insights into the world of brand-supported content, we are rebranding as Content Commerce Insider. Read More

ByteDance Eroding Ad Revenue Share from BAT: report

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Bytedance, creator of viral short video apps Douyin and TikTok as well as news aggregation app Toutiao, is continuing to take ad revenue share from China’s top tech firms Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent. Read More

Coronavirus Impacts on Content in China

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With a significant part of the population confined to their homes as they wait out the spread of the epidemic, internet-enabled connections to the outside world have played a crucial role across sectors, and the experience may change how content is consumed well into the future. Read More


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