R3 Nov: Would Actress Yang Zi’s Onscreen Popularity Translates to Commercial Success?

 /  Entertainment Marketing  / 
Yang has differentiated herself from other popular actresses like Yang Mi, Angelababy, whose commercial success in fashion overshadowed their acting career. Read More

Headlines from China: China May Further Open Performing Arts Market to Foreign Investments 

 /  Headlines From China  / 
China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism recently announced new regulations (draft) to further strengthen regulations on the public performance market. Read More

Headlines from China: China Launches State-owned Short Video App “Yang Video” 

 /  Headlines From China  / 
China's first 5G-backed new media mobile app "Yang Video" (央视频, or "center video") was officially launched by the state-owned China Media Group, aiming at attracting young audiences between age 20 - 45. Read More

Headlines from China: Is Live-streaming Becoming A New Secret Weapon for Selling Movie Tickets?

 /  Headlines From China  / 
On November 5, two lead actors of upcoming comedy film "My Dear Liar" teamed up with top e-commerce live streamer Viya to sell ticket vouchers of the movie through her live streaming channel on Alibaba's ecommerce platform Taobao. Over 100,000 ticket vouchers were sold during the livestreaming. Read More

Headlines from China: Oscar: China Submits ‘Ne Zha’ as Entry For Best International Feature Film

 /  Headlines From China  / 
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced on October 7 that 93 films including China's "Ne Zha" have been submitted for this year's Oscar Best International Feature Film Award. Read More

Designer Yang Li Heats Up the Global Film Series China Wave

 /  News  / 
China Wave is the latest initiative by global video channel Nowness, highlighting a new breed of creative talent from China, including designer Yang Li. Read More

Headlines from China: Filming of ‘355’ Starts with Fan Bingbing in the Cast

 /  Headlines From China  / 
Recently, Jessica Chastain announced on her instagram that the filming of spy thriller 355 had started. French actress Marion Cotillard won't participate anymore, but Chinese actress Fan Bingbing remains in the cast despite her recent tax evasion scandal. Read More

Cannes Winner Qiu Yang on the Outsize Impact of Small-Town Stories

 /  People  / 
"I'm hoping to tell stories that will echo with everyday Chinese lives, so a small town with nothing special is the perfect place to tell them" Read More

Headlines from China: Will 5G Technology Change the Landscape of Online Streaming?

 /  Headlines From China  / 
At a recent industry conference in Chengdu, top executives from China's video streaming sector talked about the possible changes 5G would bring to their businesses. Read More

NetEase Overseas Gaming, E-commerce Businesses Offset Regulatory Squeeze

 /  News  / 
While Tencent’s game revenues took a heavy hit in the first quarter due to more stringent licensing rules, NetEase hedged regulatory risks by emphasizing overseas markets, specifically Japan and South Korea. Read More


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