Headlines from China: Short Video App Kuaishou Tests Long Video Feature

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Chinese short video app Kuaishou is currently testing a long-video feature, which streams videos that are longer than 57 seconds but shorter than 10 minutes. Read More

Short Video App Kuaishou Launches Youth Control Feature

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Tencent-backed Kuaishou aunched on Thursday a “youth mode” that restricts underage user access on the platform, following Douyin in creating in-app ecosystems designed specifically for young users. Read More

Short Video App Kuaishou Doubles Down on Domestic E-commerce

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Content-driven e-commerce is a growing trend in China. Rival short video platform Douyin rolled out a shopping cart feature earlier this month. Similarly, large e-commerce platforms are seeking partnerships with content creators to drive their sales. Read More

Chinese Short Video App Kuaishou Launches AR Avatar Feature

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Animated cartoon avatars are now making their way into China’s popular bite-sized videos, with Tencent-backed short video app Kuaishou releasing an AR avatar feature dubbed “Kmoji.” Read More

Kuaishou Returns to WeChat After Six-month Ban

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After being outlawed by WeChat for six months, Kuaishou videos can once again be shared on the Moment’s feed, according to local media reports Read More

Short Video Platforms Douyin, Kuaishou Accused of Showing Counterfeit Products

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Chinese short video platform such as Douyin and Kuaishou are being criticized for featuring video hosts who make and distribute counterfeit products on their videos. Read More

Video Sharing App Kuaishou Rumored to Raise New Funding with Valuation at $15 billion

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China’s leading short social video and photo sharing app Kuaishou is rumored to launch a new round of funding with the estimated valuation at $15 billion, according to the self-media “Kaiqi.” Read More

Douyin’s E-Commerce Clampdown: Platform Cancels Controversial Sales Star Xinba

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Popular livestream anchor Xinba was banned in the middle of his live broadcast on Douyin for conveying false information and insults. Read More

‘I Am T-Rex’ Animation Sets China Re-Release, Picked Up by Autumn Sun

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‘I Am T-Rex’ Animation Sets China Re-Release, Picked Up by Autumn Sun Read More

Rivals Tencent Video, Douyin Reach Content-Sharing Agreement After Copyright Spat

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After various copyright battles, two of China’s biggest tech giants find common ground.  Read More


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