TikTok Overtakes Facebook as the World’s Most Downloaded App

 /  News  / 
TikTok tops the list of social media providers in a global survey of downloads in 2020.  Read More

China’s TikTok Denies Facial Scanning Tech Collects Personal Data

 /  News  / 
ByteDance Inc. denied that its Douyin app, the Chinese version of TikTok, uses facial scanning technology to access users’ personal information. Read More

TikTok Rival Kuaishou Wins Rights to Tokyo and Beijing Olympics

 /  News  / 
Chinese short video company Kuaishou has won the broadcasting rights to the next two Olympic Games as the TikTok rival hits a milestone in its user numbers. Read More

On TikTok’s #MuseumMoment And Museums’ TikTok Moment

 /  News  / 
May 18th's #MuseumMoment live event has further cemented the ties that bind the social media app and cultural institutions. Read More

China’s TikTok Is Banning Users Who Brag About Their Wealth

 /  Legal  / 
The short-video platform’s stated goal of promoting “a civilized lifestyle” aligns with an ongoing government campaign to make China’s cyberspace more positive and wholesome. Read More

Headlines From China: With Trump Gone, TikTok Could Get a Chinese Makeover in 2021

 /  Headlines From China  / 
With China’s box office takings expected to return to near pre-pandemic highs in 2021, the world’s largest movie market is becoming more attractive, while also more tricky, for Hollywood studios. Read More

TikTok Partners with Universal Music, Home of Kanye West, Rihanna and Taylor Swift

 /  Business  / 
TikTok has announced a new partnership with Universal Music Group (UMG), offering its users more options to use authorized music for their content shared on the hugely popular short video platform. Read More

TikTok Sister App Douyin Fined for Spreading Sexual and Improper Content in China

 /  Legal  / 
Douyin has been slapped with the maximum penalty for spreading “obscene, pornographic and vulgar information” online. Read More

E-Commerce Livestreaming in U.S. Heats Up as TikTok and Walmart Broadcast Joint Session

 /  Livestreaming  / 
TikTok concluded its first livestreamed e-commerce sales session featuring U.S. retail giant Walmart on Friday night, with up to 20,000 viewers watching the one-hour show. Read More

CCI Take: TikTok Is a Content-Commerce Conduit for Global Gen Z

 /  Short Video  / 
Amid the whiplash-inducing news surrounding TikTok’s future in the United States, which has left even the company itself struggling to understand its future status, the Bytedance-owned app continues to move forward with monetization efforts in international markets (with the obvious exception of India) as it gains popularity among the increasingly lucrative Gen Z demographic.  Read More


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