Headlines From China: Phenomenal Women’s Empowerment Reality Show ‘Sisters Riding the Winds’ Returns

Phenomenal Women’s Empowerment Reality Show ‘Sisters’ Returns 

Last year’s phenomenal reality show “Sisters Riding the Winds and Breaking the Waves” returns to Mango TV since Jan 22. The heatedly debated reality show, which invites 30-to-50-something female contestants vie for a spot in a singing and dancing performance group, notched up over 5 billion views across the web in 2020. The well-received debut season has not only generated wide public debates about the challenges that middle-aged women are faced with in the society, it has also brought some of these contestants a revived second career life. This year, the show gathered a new group of 30 female celebrities to continue to showcase the charm and grace of women over 30. Read more China Daily

Will the West Catch Up With China’s Social Commerce?

Last month, when Instagram revealed a recent update to emphasize its Shopping and Reel features, it was met with outrage across Western social media, with the leading beauty influencer James Charles stating that the platform was pushing “features that literally no one is asking for.” Despite Instagram being an ads money-making machine for brands, Western consumers continue to view social media primarily as a creative outlet rather than a commercial one. Over in China, however, it’s a very different scene, with social commerce sales surpassing $186 billion in 2019 — ten times the U.S. total, thanks to the deeper integration of content and commerce and its embrace by consumers. Read more Content Commerce Insider