Headlines from China: Is Interactive Movie the Future of Cinema?

Is Interactive Movie The Future of Cinema? 

On May 31, China’s first interactive movie was released on streaming platform Tencent Video. The film attracted attention right away and gained almost 3 million views after only 2 days in release. The format of the film, which is interactive, might have played an important role in attracting viewers. Throughout the film, there are 28 points where audiences can decide where the story goes. Along with the development of high technologies, such as AR, VR, AI and 5G, it’s more and more easy nowadays to make an interactive movie technically. Investors seem to also become increasingly interested in this type of content. So, will interactive movie become the future of cinema? This article argues that cinema is an art of storytelling. Although interactive movies are more engaging and immersive, filmmakers’ role in telling a compelling story is minimized. Their function become to set an outline for audiences to play with. Read more on TMT Post

Shanghai International Film Festival Announces Opening Films and Festival Ambassador

Today, Shanghai International Film Festival announced that this year’s festival will open with Chines films The Eight Hundred (八佰,dir. Guan Hu) and Chuanyue Shikong de Huhuan (穿越时空呼唤你,dir. Zhang Jiarui). Both films will have their world premiere at the Shanghai Festival. In addition, the festival has appointed Chinese actor and director Wu Jing as the ambassador. Wu’s recent films include China’s top 2 box office hits of all time Wolf Warrior 2 and The Wandering Earth. Read more on Mtime