Headlines from China: BBC-Tencent Co-production ‘Dynasties’ Scores November 12 China Release

BBC-Tencent Co-production ‘Dynasties’ Scores November 12 China Release

Co-produced by BBC and Tencent, the upcoming nature documentary series, Dynasties, has set for its China premiere on November 12 via Tencent Video simultaneously with the global release. Described as a wildlife version of “Game of Thrones” and a milestone project of BBC Earth, Dynasties is the third collaboration between BBC Studios and Tencent in natural history documentary co-production, following Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II. Before the official release, Mike Gunton, executive producer and creative director at BBC Natural History Unit, joined in the preview screening in China and shared the behind-the-scenes stories with Chinese fans. Gunton said Dynasties marks a turning point for BBC’s nature documentary production as its unique camerawork and storytelling. Gunton also talked about the extended partnership with Tencent was “very excited” that bringing the premium content of BBC Studios to millions of audiences. It also helps BBC Studios to have more resources and developments in China’s market. Read more on Mtime

34 TV Dramas Start Shooting in October: A Preview of 2019 TV Market

Although the film & TV industry is seeing slow in the past few months, there is plenty of drama series going into production in October. WeChat media account yingshidushe looks into these projects and provides a preview of 2019 China’s TV market. Of the 34 known projects, only seven of them are historical dramas. 18 series are set in the modern day: instead of the generalized romance, these TV shows focus on certain professions and highlight characters’ growth and struggles in both their career and romantic lives. The emerging of “main melody” (propaganda) dramas is another notable feature. As for original series of streaming platforms, Youku, iQiyi, and Tencent Video keep working to build their own brand features. Partnering with TVB, Youku is co-producing Flying Tiger II, a sequel of TVB show Flying Tiger. After the success of shows Burning Ice and Tientsin Mystic, iQiyi keep focusing on producing suspense dramas. Tencent Video continues to develop modern fantasy dramas. Read more on yingshidushe

‘My Neighbor Tororo’ Set for Re-release on December 14 in China

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Hayao Miyazaki anime classic My Neighbor Tororo has scored a December 14 theatrical release. Newly digitally-restored by Studio Ghibli, the film will play in both Japanese and Chinese in China. The first Chinese poster of the film has been also released today. As the word spread about the potential theatrical run of the film in September, My Neighbor Tororo and Hayao Miyazaki have became hit topics on social media. Many netizens posted online and expressed their wish to see the film in theaters soon. Read more on Mtime