DAILY BRIEF: Nov 25, 2021


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    Should Brands Distance Themselves From ‘Controversial’ Celebrities?

    After a spate of recent boycotts, should luxury brands distance themselves from controversial KOLs? The answer might surprise you. Jing Daily

  • 2

    Chinese Fashion Photographer in Dior Controversy Apologizes

    A renowned Chinese fashion photographer has apologized for her past work after online critics called it insulting to the Chinese people and fashion house Dior removed one of her photos from a show in Shanghai. AP News

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    Anita Actress Louise Wong on How The Biopic of Singer ‘Has Left a Beautiful Memory which Will Last a Lifetime’

    Reflecting on her first feature-film role, model Louise Wong says she and Anita Mui both came from humble backgrounds but the singer had it a lot tougher. South China Morning Post

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    China’s Video Gaming Control to Get as Strict as Regulation of Films and TV Shows

    China’s tightened regulation of video gaming content is going to be as harsh as its control of films and television shows, according to an executive at a major Chinese game company. South China Morning Post