DAILY BRIEF: Nov 23, 2021


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    Zhang Yimou's War Film to Premiere on 2022 Chinese New Year

    Renowned Chinese director Zhang Yimou's film about a Chinese sharpshooter in the Korean War will premiere on the first day of the Chinese New Year in 2022, Chinese media reported on Monday. CGTN

  • 2

    China Intensifies Crackdown on Celebrity Culture and Fans

    Beijing’s new rules target online fan groups that cause ‘chaos’ and promote bad values. Financial Times

  • 3

    ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Cleared For China Release

    Warner Bros/Village Roadshow’s highly anticipated The Matrix Resurrections has been cleared for release in China, however an exact date is yet to be fixed. Deadline

  • 4

    Chinese Court Jails Renren Yingshi Video Site Founder in Crackdown on Film and TV Piracy

    Liang Yongping given 3½ years in prison over piracy of 30,000 TV shows and films, with 14 other people yet to be sentenced. South China Morning Post

  • 5

    Malaysia Bans Chinese war movie ‘The Battle at Lake Changjin’

    Malaysian authorities have declined to approve the Chinese war movie “The Battle at Lake Changjin” for theatrical release after outrage emerged online that the film promotes Communism, which is banned in the country. Variety