DAILY BRIEF: Nov 20, 2023


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    ‘Hunger Games’ Prequel Flops as Audiences Continue to Snub U.S. Franchise Movies

    Disney's 'The Marvels' slipped to sixth place for the weekend and is projected to earn just $15 million, an all-time low for an MCU movie in China. The Hollywood Reporter

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    ‘He smacked himself’: squeaky-clean China influencer with 3 million followers loses 600,000 fans in week over ‘money-making’ comments

    A popular online influencer in China has lost thousands of followers after he admitted he was in the business simply to make money. South China Morning Post

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    Is There a Right Way to Make Chinese Opera?

    With countless adaptations, “The Peony Pavilion” is China’s answer to “Swan Lake.” But recent attempts to return the show to its roots continue to miss the mark. Sixth Tone