‘Middle-Aged’ Celebs Are Vying to Become China’s Next Girl Group

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Some viewers praise “Sisters Who Make Waves” for being inclusive, while others say the show does little to address the real issues older women in China’s entertainment industry face. Read More

Debuting to Rave Reviews, Chinese Drama ‘The Bad Kids’ Cuts Deep

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Directed by a former punk rocker, the wildly popular psychological thriller is driven by complex characters, including three children who inadvertently film a cold-blooded murder. Read More

Mango TV Shines on Unconventional Reality Show

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Mango TV, the online video platform affiliated with Hunan Broadcasting System, launched the reality talent show whose Chinese name translates to “Sisters Who Brave Winds and Waves.” The first episode has received 400 million views so far and sparked a rally for shares of Mango Excellent Media Co. Ltd., operator of Mango TV. Read More

Where Are All the Chinese Talk Shows?

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Programs like “The Daily Show” are popular with Chinese audiences, but that doesn’t mean the country will be producing its own version any time soon. Read More

Women Rule, Men Drool in China’s Hottest New Show

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In the gender-bending period drama “The Romance of Tiger and Rose,” women command armies while men dream of domestic bliss. Read More

Tired of 2020? Try the 1020s, Say Chinese Period Drama Fans

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Viewers have mostly given a thumbs-up to the Song dynasty drama “Serenade of Peaceful Joy.” Read More

China’s TV Regulator Moves to Deter Inflated Audience Data

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China’s top media regulator on Monday issued new regulations aimed at deterring companies and networks from manipulating their viewership data. Read More

My 10 Days on a Chinese Reality Show

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It’s hard to challenge stereotypes when they’re the only thing producers want to see. Read More

Godfrey Gao’s Passing Ignites Debates about Media Industry’s Work Culture

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The death of Godfrey Gao has sparked outrage over working conditions in China’s TV industry, due to its long hours, extreme stunts, and lax safety standards. Read More

China’s Hottest TV Show Right Now is Striving to Provide Space for Mainstream Debate

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"I Can I BB" is more than a debate competition -- it's a forum to organize discussion around topics that preoccupy its huge audience of Chinese millennials. Read More