LACFF Is an Energetic Showcase for the Future of Chinese Filmmaking

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Enlivened by students and emerging filmmakers, the Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival taps into an appetite for China-Hollywood exchange outside of major co-productions. Read More

October Screenings of Chinese-Language Films in NYC and Los Angeles

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Highlights of October: three Chinese "main-melody" films showing in the U.S. theatres, New York Film Festival, and more. Read More

5 Chinese Films to Watch on Netflix This Summer

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From sci-fi smash hits to lowkey LGBTQ dramas, here's our pick of Netflix's Chinese-language offerings to get you through those long summer nights. Read More

Far East Film Festival: Strengthening The Ties Between Asia and Europe

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For 21 editions now the Far East Film Festival – tucked away in the city of Udine in far northern Italy – has been providing a link between commercial Asian cinema and the West. Read More

Headlines from China: Top 50 Most-watched Chinese Films from 2011 to 2019

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Because price of a movie ticket varies, a film’s box office earnings can’t precisely reflect how many times the film has been viewed in theater. Read More

Headlines from China: These Chinese Directors Can Act

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It's not surprising to see an actor starts directing after his acting career takes off. It might surprise you though if we tell you this is also the case for renowned Chinese director Zhang Yimou. Read More

February Screenings of Chinese-Language Films in NYC and Los Angeles

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February Highlights: the first big-budget Chinese sci-fi movie "The Wandering Earth," Jackie Chan's classics "Police Story" & "Police Story 2," sneak preview of Jia Zhangke's "Ash Is Purest White," and more. Read More

Headlines from China: A Look at 2019 Chinese New Year Slate

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Up to now, 14 films have scored Chinese New Year releases, including Alan Mak's 'Integrity,' Han Han’s 'Fei Chi Ren Sheng' (飞驰人生), Ning Hao’s 'Crazy Aliens,' Sci-Fi film 'The Wandering Earth,' and more. Read More

Indie Flick “A Cool Fish” Crushes Box Office Expectations

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'A Cool Fish' — a small-budget production lacking A-list stars — shocked industry watchers by hitting the #1 spot of the nationwide box office over the weekend. Read More

November Screenings of Chinese-Language Films in New York & Los Angeles

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November highlights include: New York screenings of films by acclaimed filmmaker Wang Bing, a documentary on the first and only Taiwanese player for the New York Yankees, 2nd Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival and the China Onscreen Biennial in LA. Read More