On Screen China: 2019 Chinese New Year Films

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Three of the eight films are sequels. Two are science fiction films. Shen Teng is the leading actor in two of them. Sun Wukong ("Monkey King") does not seem to be in any of the films. And a pig can be seen in at least two of the films. Read More

Bilibili and Alibaba’s Taobao Partner on E-commerce

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Video streaming site Bilibili is trying to sell more Japanese anime-style skirts to its young viewers. The company today announced a partnership with Alibaba’s online marketplace Taobao, seeking to monopolize on content-driven e-commerce. Read More

Headlines from China: Alibaba Entertainment Executive Yang Weidong Being Investigated

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On December 4, Alibaba Digital and Entertainment Group released a statement, announcing that Fan Luyuan is appointed as the new CEO of Alibaba's video platform Youku, as Youku's current head Yang Weidong is being investigated by the police. Read More

Headlines from China: Tax Shake-up Stirs Up Anxiety in China’s Film & TV Industry

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In the wake of tax scandal surrounded Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, China launched a campaign at the beginning of October to regulate the payment of taxes within the film and TV industry. The campaign has stirred up anxiety among film industry professionals. Read More

Headlines from China: Tao Piao Piao to Further Integrate With Alibaba’s E-commerce Platforms

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On November 14, Alibaba’s online ticketing platform Tao Piao Piao announced the company's plan to further integrate its ticketing services with its e-commerce platforms. Read More

Headlines from China: Sony Pictures Imageworks to Animate Pearl Studio’s ‘Over The Moon’   

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China's Pearl Studio and Netflix jointly announced that Sony Pictures Imageworks was to animate upcoming feature Over The Moon, which is co-produced by the two companies and directed by Oscar-wining director Glen Keane. Read More

Headlines from China: Alibaba Pictures Announces A 20-Film Slate

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On November 9, Alibaba Pictures announced "Jin Cheng Co-production Program (锦橙合制计划)" to co-produce 20 films over the next five years. Read More

Alibaba Prepares for Life After Jack Ma

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Alibaba’s chairman and founder is taking a step back, so what comes next for the tech giant? Read More

Daniel Zhang: The New Face of Alibaba

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Jack Ma lauds his successor as a ‘next-generation leader,’ but many say Zhang has big shoes to fill. Read More

Alibaba Tests New Technology That Detects Pornographic Content

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Alibaba’s new porn-busting service converts speech to text and checks it against a database of licentious lexemes. Read More