Headlines from China: Tencent Pictures’ CEO Takes Over China Literature Limited

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On Monday, China Literature Limited announced replacement changes to its management team. Mr. Wu Wenhui and Mr. Liang Xiaodong, currently the Co-Chief Executive Officers have decided to step down from their positions. Read More

Tencent’s China Literature $1.1 Billion IPO Speaks Volumes About Value of IP in China

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In China, a whole new industry chain surrounding online literature IPs is taking form and now involves music, games, TV dramas, and movie production. Tencent, Alibaba, and Baidu have all entered the battle to compete for the best IPs. Read More

Here Are the Top Reads From China’s $5 Billion Online Literature Market

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From romances and period dramas to coming-of-age tales and martial arts epics, here are the stories that hooked China’s e-bookworms in 2020. Read More

China’s Top Sci-Fi Author Is… Stephen King?

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A Chinese writer’s submission for a prestigious domestic award was found to have copied the entire plot from a decades-old story by the prominent American author. Read More

Headlines From China: FILMART 2021 Adapts to Surging Streaming Viewership

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With the boom in streaming worldwide during lockdown, streamers have recognized that there is plenty of demand for non-English-language content among their subscribers. Read More

Headlines From China: Market Watchdog Fines 3 Top Firms for Anti-Trust Breach

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China’s top market watchdog on Monday slapped administrative penalties on three leading companies for failure to notify concentration of undertakings in advance, which violated the country's anti-monopoly law. Alibaba Investment Limited, Tencent-owned China Literature Limited, and Hive-box Technology Company. Read More

Headlines From China: HIFF: Forum on Online Novel and Film Scripts Adaption Held in Sanya

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A forum about online literature and movie adaptation was held in Sanya on Sunday during the ongoing third Hainan Island International Film Festival(HIIFF). Many writers and editors in the online literature field attended the forum. Read More

Headlines From China: Gen Z Favorite Bilibili Moves Further Into Content Commerce

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Highlighting the brand opportunities on Bilibili, the platform recently published its inaugural “China-Z 100” list, a selection of the top 100 domestic products targeted at consumers under the age of 30. Read More

Not Just Trending Videos, ByteDance Invests in E-Literature Firm IReader

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ByteDance is further expanding into the e-book market with a sizable investment in one of China’s largest digital literature companies. Read More

Headlines from China: Tencent’s Ambitious Plans to Create Its Own ‘Content Universe’

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Internet giant Tencent hosted a news conference earlier this week and announced its annual pipeline of 2021 ilm and television works. Edward Cheng, vice-president of Tencent, said that the company is looking to forge a comprehensive content ecosystem in the next five years, covering intellectual property creations, content production and content distribution. Read More


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