Headlines from China: Coloroom Pictures’ CEO Left Position to Become CEO of October Media

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Yi Qiao, the CEO of Coloroom Pictures, is leaving the company for another executive position at October Media—the animation studio behind the 2018 groundbreaking 3D animation film “Monkey King: Hero Is Back”. Read More

China Limits Indoor Entertainment Like Karaoke as Second Wave of Covid-19 Strikes

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On Monday, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism modified guidelines for reopening China’s entertainment venues including theaters, nightclubs, cybercafes and karaoke lounges. Read More

Apple to Take Down Thousands of Games Without Government License from Chinese App Store

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Apple will reportedly start kicking unlicensed mobile games off its Chinese App Store next month, a move that will end the practice of allowing developers to sell games on the platform while they were awaiting government approval. Read More

Headlines from China: 2020’s Film Industry Begins With FIRST International Film Festival?

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For many young Chinese filmmakers, 2020 is a time fraught with difficulties and frustrations. Amidst all the uncertainties, FIRST International Film Festival shines a beam of light into the industry troubled by the continuing theater shutdown. Read More

Headlines from China: Unravel the Successful Formula of IQiyi’s ‘Light On Theater’ Initiative

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The fast growing popularity of “The Bad Kids”, a suspenseful drama series that makes headlines and generates wide discussions on the Internet, marks another successful release of Chinese streaming giant iQiyi’s “Light On Theater” initiative. Read More

Subculture Sellouts: Kuaishou and Bilibili Embrace Normcore

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Long known as havens for China’s marginalized, nerdy, and just plain weird, the two video platforms are trading their grassroots cred for a more yuppie-friendly image. Read More

Beijing to Disburse 3 Million Yuan to Struggling Cinemas

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Movie theaters in the city will receive $1,600 on average from a special development fund that is normally allocated toward subsidizing film productions and building new cinemas. Read More

Weibo Reopens Trending Topics List But Some People Ask: Are We Better Off Without It?

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Sina Weibo, China’s biggest social media site, reopened its trending topics list on Wednesday afternoon. The Cyberspace Administration of China had ordered Weibo to freeze the list for a week as punishment for Weibo “disturbing online order” and “posting illegal information in violation of regulations.” Read More

Headlines from China: New Animation Film ‘New Gods: Nezha Reborn’ Eyes 2020 Release

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New Gods: Nezha Reborn, a new animation film from Light Chaser Animation—the same studio behind the 2019 well-received animation film White Snake, is eyeing a 2020 release. Read More

Headlines from China: 4th Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival Calls For Scripts And Film Projects

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Funded my Chinese leading auteur Jia Zhangke, the fourth edition of Pingyao Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon International Film Festival just opened the “Pingyao Project Promotion” section, calling for filmmakers to submit their scripts and film projects for review. Read More


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