Headlines From China: Documentary ‘Days and Nights in Wuhan’ Sets Theatrical Release

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Set in the central Chinese city, once ravaged by the epidemic, the documentary film "Days and Nights in Wuhan" builds its storyline around the lives of ordinary people, including patients, medical personnel, volunteers and residents, as the virus spread through the city last year. Read More

The High-Drama, Low-Impact Feminism of ‘Hear Her’

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The hit show did a commendable job representing women, both in front of and behind the camera. But sometimes representation isn’t enough. Read More

Headlines From China: Japanese Director’s Documentary ‘China’s Post-Pandemic Era’ Shows the Quick Return of Normal Life in China

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The 33-minute documentary "The Post-Pandemic Era," directed by Ryo Takeuchi, shows to the world the quick recovery of Chinese people's lives and the further development of Chinese industries. Read More

China’s Music Aficionados Lament Loss of Streaming Service Xiami

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The Alibaba-backed company will suspend its operations after more than a decade due to “operational adjustments.” Read More

Plagiarizing Director’s Film Pulled From China’s Silver Screens

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Some online are arguing that it would be unfair for an entire production to be punished because of one man’s mistakes over a decade ago. Read More

Headlines From China: Chloé Zhao’s ‘Nomadland’ Wins Big at U.S. National Society of Critics Awards

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Chinese-born female director Chloe Zhao's feature film "Nomadland" turned out to be a big winner on Saturday at the annual National Society of Film Critics Awards with four trophies. Read More

Headlines From China: Zhang Ziyi’s First TV Drama Set for Release on Youku

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Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, known for her world-class performance in films such as “House of Flying Daggers” and “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, has made her first TV drama series titled “Monarch Industry”. Read More

CCI’s 2020 Year in Review

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A look back at Content Commerce Insider’s trend forecast for 2020 makes it clear how many twists and turns this year threw our way. In 2019, content-commerce became a key marketing strategy in China, and CCI predicted that the biggest trends of the following year would include 5G and interactive content, e-commerce livestreaming, branded shows, and celebrity incubation by streaming platforms.  Read More

Headlines From China: Documentary on Country’s Evolution Wins Praise

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A documentary that reveals the evolution of philosophy, governance and culture through the ages in China has won public praise with its dramatic reconstruction of historical stories, spectacular photography, sensuous musical scores and an emotional, epideictic voice-over. Read More

Chinese Livestreaming’s Leap Year

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Eight terms summarizing another colorful year in the world of Chinese livestreaming. Read More


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