How Rediscovering User Creativity Fueled China’s Short-Video Revolution

 /  Chinasplaining  / 
Chinese entrepreneurs once dismissed user-generated content (UGC) as “industrial waste.” Now that waste is powering their global ambitions. Read More

Headlines from China: China’s Box Office Hits 5 Billion Yuan Since Movie Theaters Reopening in July

 /  Headlines From China  / 
China’s total box office revenue has hit 5 million yuan (about 733 million US dollars) benchmark by Monday since theaters reopened on July 20 after months of closure. Epic war drama "The Eight Hundred," formally released on Aug. 21, contributed more than half of the total. Read More

Headlines from China: Chinese Director Chloe Zhao Takes Home Top Prize at Venice Film Festival

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Chinese-born director Chloe Zhao just received the Golden Lion award for her film “Nomadland” at the 77th Venice Film Festival. Since Sofia Coppola picked up the top prize in 2010, no other female director has taken home the prize in almost a decade’s time. Read More

The Broken Dreams of China’s Wannabe Pop Idols

 /  Celebrity  / 
Inside China’s ultra-competitive fame academies, the chances of making it are brutally slim. Read More

Profits Tumble at Listed Chinese Cable Network Companies Despite Lockdown

 /  News  / 
China's cable television networks were already close to the brink as people ditched old fashioned TV in favor of disruptive new services. Read More

Headlines from China: This December, China’s Hainan International Film Festival Has Ambitious Plans

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Since its inception in 2018, Hainan International Film Festival has quickly become one of the most important film festivals in China. Read More

TikTok Retains Pole Position as World’s Highest-Earning Non-Game App Despite U.S. Threats

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Despite losing the Indian market and President Donald Trump’s threat to ban it in the U.S., ByteDance-owned TikTok was still the world’s highest-earning non-game app in August, although the app’s August earnings were less than those of the previous three months. Read More

Headlines from China: Hong Kong Filmmaker Ann Hui Received Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement Award At Venice Film Festival

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Celebrated Hong Kong director Ann Hui is granted the Golden Lion Lifetime Achievement award at the 77th Venice Film Festival. This is the first time a female director received this recognition. Read More

Chinese ‘Mixed Reality’ Specs Maker Nreal Bags $40m Combining VR With Real Life

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Chinese “mixed reality” startup Nreal has bagged $40 million in its series B1 funding round to bankroll its research and development of mixed reality glasses. Read More

Headlines from China: 15th Changchun Film Festival Kicked Off, 40 Classic Foreign Films to Be Screened

 /  Headlines From China  / 
Following the success of film festivals in Shanghai and Beijing, the 15th Changchun Film Festival in Northeast China's Jilin Province kicked off its opening ceremony on Saturday. For 2020, the film festival set up a new unit that selected 40 films from among more than 600 classic films from abroad for the festival's international film exhibition unit. Read More


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