Headlines from China: 35th Hundred Flowers Awards Announced Winners

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Although China’s National Day holiday will not begin until this Thursday (Oct 1), Chinese box office is already warmed up with the early release of the highly-anticipated sports drama film “Leap”. Read More

How Shanghai Summoned the World’s Esports Athletes Amid COVID-19

 /  Esports  / 
After canceling a string of high-profile sports events in 2020, the Chinese city made an exception to host the League of Legends World Championship. Read More

Short Video Firm Kuaishou Optimizes Its E-Commerce By Connecting Livestreamers With Quality Products

 /  Livestreaming  / 
TikTok rival Kuaishou is doubling down on efforts to expand its e-commerce presence with the introduction of a product pool as the company has seen a surge in online shopping orders generated on its platform. Read More

Headlines from China: 11th China Film Directors’ Guild Awards Unveiled Winners

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China Film Directors’ Guild hosted an annual commendation ceremony in Beijing last Saturday and unveiled the winners for its 11th edition of guild awards. Read More

Ready Player, Too: Life as a Woman in China’s Gaming Industry

 /  Game  / 
China’s home to 300 million female gamers. Why don’t developers take them seriously? Read More

Headlines from China: Wong Kar-wai Moves Ahead With a Newly Scripted ‘Chungking Express’ Sequel

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News have surfaced on Chinese social media that Wong Kar-wai has written a sequel to his celebrated 1994 romance 'Chungking Express’ titled ‘Chungking Express 2020’. Read More

Future Nostalgia: China’s Video Games Plug Into Ancient Culture

 /  Game  / 
Developers are using a modern medium to resurrect centuries-old traditions, as the industry responds to a rising tide of patriotism. Read More

Headlines from China: iQIYI’s Successful Release of Another Suspense Drama for Its Highly-Acclaimed ‘Mister Theater’

 /  China Film Insiders  / 
iQiyi’s fifth suspense drama in its highly-acclaimed “Mist Theater” series—“The Long Night” is making headlines again. Read More

Headlines from China: Chinese Mainland Box Office On Its Way to Surpass North America And Become World’s Largest Film Market

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Chinese experts predicted on Monday that the mainland box office is very likely to surpass its North American counterpart and become the world’s largest film market in 2020. Read More

Reality TV Goes Viral for All the Wrong Reasons as Star Picks Endangered Flower

 /  TV  / 
In the latest episode of the television series “Go Fighting,” a Chinese reality show promoting customs and cultures of Western China, a celebrity picks a flower in the wilds of Tibet, only for netizens to later point out it was an endangered plant, arousing criticism from environmentalists. Read More


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