Headlines From China: Year-ender: Top 8 TV Dramas in 2020

Year-ender: Top 8 TV Dramas in 2020

2020 was a special year that forced most people to do social distancing from time to time as a result of COVID-19. Learning how to enjoy the domestic pleasures of staying at home has become an invaluable skill, and many people have turned to films and TV series for a little fun indoors. Here are eight TV dramas that were popular in 2020. Read more China Daily

Will Losing Its Western Shipping Subsidies Hurt China?

As of January 1, 2021, China will no longer be allowed lower global shipping fees under the premise that it should no longer be treated as a developing nation. From that date on, European countries will be able to raise their prices and won’t have to pay subsidies. This July, the US already raised its prices in a compromise deal forced by the Trump administration. Subsequently, America has already seen a drop in shipments coming from the Mainland, and the move is making Chinese e-commerce platforms, in particular, rethink their logistics operations. Read more Jing Daily