Headlines from China: Why Are Chinese Audiences Not Into Musical Movies?

Why Are Chinese Audiences Not Into Musical Movies?

On July 8, Disney released the first trailer of its upcoming live action movie Mulan. While most discussions are around the appearance of the protagonist and the missing of the Mushu character, some netizens noticed that the singing part of the plot is also missing, which actually could be a good thing for the film’s performance in the China market as musical movies never delivered impressive box office results in the past. Take the recent Asia release of Aladdin as an example, the film took Japan and South Korea by storm, but failed to impress Chinese moviegoers. Many musical movies are adapted from musical plays, yet this form of performing arts is not widely consumed or appreciated in China. Read more on TMT Post

Argentinian Crime Thriller ‘At The End of the Tunnel’ Set for July 25 China Release 

At The End of the Tunnel, a 2016 Spanish-language Argentinian crime thriller directed and written by Rodrigo Grande has been scheduled to release in China on July 25. Starring Leonardo Sbaraglia, the film is centered around a paraplegic computer engineer who starts hearing noises and voices of bank robbers in his basement. This is not the first time a Spanish language thriller scores a theatrical release in China. In 2017, Spanish suspense thriller Contratiempo was released in China and well-received by Chinese audience. Read more on Mtime