Headlines From China: Two Local Films Accused of Plagiarism To Be Removed From Theaters

Two Local Films Accused of Plagiarism To Be Removed From Theaters

Two Chinese local films, costume fantasy film “The Yin-Yang Master” and comedy ‘Bath Buddy’, both accused of copying foreign works, are said to be removed from theaters starting from Monday. Although no official statements about these two films’ fate have been issued so far, industry insiders and theaters have confirmed that they will start to limit these two films’ screenings starting in January. This news comes as Guo Jingming, the director of the film “The Yin-Yang Master” had just come forward on the last day of 2020 to apologize for his plagiarized works that he made nearly two decades ago. Read more Global Times

Will The EU-China Investment Deal Be A Win For Luxury?

After almost seven years of negotiations, China and the European Commission have finally agreed to an investment deal on Wednesday, December 30, 2020. Known as the Comprehensive Agreement on Investments (CAI), the bilateral treaty removes barriers to European investment in certain Chinese sectors — including new energy vehiclestelecoms, financial services, and health — while providing Beijing greater access to Europe’s renewable energy on a reciprocal basis. Although CAI does not directly touch traditional luxury sectors, it would strengthen Europe-China ties and thus improve the backdrop against which luxury business operates. Read more Jing Daily