Headlines from China: The Potential Impact of 5G on Film Promotion and Distribution 

The Potential Impact of 5G on Film Promotion and Distribution 

On June 18, over 400 industry executives and experts got together in Shanghai at the CinemaS2019 to discuss the reformation and innovation of Chinese film industry. Wang Hongbo, CEO of Cloudifeng delivered a speech on the potential impact of 5G technology on the film industry. Take film distribution for example, 5G will enable distributors to make and deliver film prints digitally with lower costs. And the process can be less time-consuming and more secure. Wang also mentioned that his company had formed partnerships with over 200 cinemas across China to provide 5G technical support. Read more on Mtime

Bona Film Group Unveils ‘China Pride Trilogy’ at Shanghai International Film Festival

2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of People’sRepublic China. It is also the 20th anniversary of Chinese film studio Bona Group. On June 19, Bona hosted a press conference during the Shanghai International Film Festival to announce three upcoming films. Dubbed as “China Pride Trilogy,’ the three films all focus on propagandistic themes to pay tribute to the founding of PRC. The first film on the list is The Bravest, which tells the story of Chinese firefighters. Next on the list is Chairman Mao 1949, which has been set to release during the mid-autumn festival. Last but not least, Bona will release The Chinese Pilot during the National Day holiday season. As a co-producer of the trilogy, Alibaba Pictures’s Fan Luyuan also attended the press conference. Read more on Mtime