Headlines from China: Six Bugs in Wolfpack Research’s Report on iQiyi


Six Bugs in Wolfpack Research’s Accusation Report on iQiyi

Faced with Wolfpack Research’s accusation of fraud, iQiyi pushed back against the report and stated that it contains “misleading conclusions and interpretations”. Shares of iQiyi plunged 13% after the report came out but ended the day up 3%. In this detailed analysis, Entertainment Capital pointed out 6 bugs in Wolfpack’s report that reveals the company’s inaccurate and biased interpretation about Chinese streaming business. Read more Entertainment Capital

Travel Industry Experienced Explosive Growth During Qingming Festival Holiday

With China coming out of lockdown, many travel businesses reopened recently and experienced explosive growth as people flocking to tourist sites for fresh air. According to the data provided by ctrip.com, bookings for transportation, hotel, tourist attractions have drastically increased compared to the data of March. However, risks are still high as people congregate in large groups. How to strengthen management on risk prevention is imperative for travel business to recover. Read more on Entertainment Capital