Headlines from China: Six Years Later, ‘Interstellar’’s Rerun Reaped Another Biggest Single-day Gross in China

Six Years Later, ‘Interstellar’’s Rerun Reaped Another Biggest Single-day Gross in China

Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar” had another blast in China with its re-release grossing $2.85 million on the past Sunday, making it the biggest single-day and highest “opening” day gross since Chinese cinemas resumed operations on July 20. Notably, “Interstellar”’s orignal run in China in 2014 also reaped a whopping sum of $122 million box office, which cemented the director’s wide popularity in the Middle Kingdom. Nolan’s new film “Tenet” will start rolling out internationally on August 26. Although a China’s date has yet to be confirmed, the successful rerun of “Interstellar” marks a good sign for the release of “Tenet” in China. Read more Mtime

The Post-pandemic New Normal for Chinese Cinema Business

No popcorn, staggered seating, mandatory masks and movie reruns—going back to the theater in China offers a drastically different experience in the coronavirus era, but that’s not keeping eager film buffs away. With the rapidly increasing number of viewers, the single-day total box office hit 35.2 million yuan (5.04 million U.S. dollars) by July 26, roughly 10 times the figure on day 1, according to a report released by Maoyan, a Chinese online ticketing platform. As more theaters reopen, big discounts are on offer to attract virus-weary viewers back. “With cinemas offering low prices and high market demand, recovery will happen at a faster rate,” reads the Maoyan report. Read more yiqipaidianying