Headlines From China: Market Watchdog Fines 3 Top Firms for Anti-Trust Breach

Market Watchdog Fines 3 Top Firms Including One in Film Industry for Anti-Trust Breach

China’s top market watchdog on Monday slapped administrative penalties on three leading companies for failure to notify concentration of undertakings in advance, which violated the country’s anti-monopoly law. Alibaba Investment Limited, an affiliate of Alibaba Group, Tencent-owned China Literature Limited, and Hive-box Technology Company, an affiliate of China’s delivery giant SF Express, were fined 500,000 yuan each for the violations. They had acquired control of firms in retailing, film and television production, and terminal service in express, without prior notifications to the administration, the official said. Read more China.org 

How Online Content Commerce Became King in 2020

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated many brand marketing trends that were already in motion, from the championing of inclusivity and philanthropy to digital-first, content-driven commerce. Not only has the pandemic triggered a plethora of morale-focused storytelling, but it has also forced more brands to digitize due to physical event cancellations and store closures; the realm of online content commerce has consequently expanded. Read more Content Commerce Insider