Headlines from China: Long-awaited Animation Film ‘Legend of Deification’ to Release on National Day Holiday

Long-awaited Animation Film ‘Legend of Deification’ to Release on National Day Holiday

“Legend of Deification,” a long-awaited animated feature from the same studio behind last year’s box office sensation “Ne Zha”, is set to hit the big screens on October 1, the National Day Holiday. Originally scheduled for a Chinese Lunar New Year release but postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, “Legend of Deification” has been sitting on many people’s watchlist for months. The film recounts the story of Jiang Ziya, a genius strategist from the novel “Fengshen Yanyi,” or “The Investiture of the Gods,” a Ming Dynasty book that inspired “Ne Zha”–the animation film that grossed more than 5 billion yuan (over $ 720 million) in 2019. Read more Mtime

Hong Kong Director Peter Chan’s Volleyball Biographical Film ‘Leap’ Sets a October 1 Release

The much-anticipated biographical sports drama “Leap”, from the well-established Hong Kong director Peter Chan, is set to hit the big screens on Sept 30, joining the local animation film “Legend of Deification” to open one of the busiest movie-going weeks every year–the National Day Holiday. Starring Gong Li and Huang Bo, “Leap” is based on the Chinese women’s national volleyball team’s stories spread over more than 40 years. The fact that major new local blockbusters are now willing to set a fixed release dates is a signal of growing confidence in China’s box office, as cinemas slowly bounce back after one month of reopening. Read more yiqipaidianying