Headlines From China: Apple’s New Year Film Offers Message of Hope and Courage

Apple’s New Year Film Offers Message of Hope and Courage

Apple recently teamed up with the rising Chinese American director Lulu Wang–the mastermind behind the celebrated Golden Globe-nominated 2019 indie film “The Farewell”, to create a Chinese New Year short film inspired by the traditional folklore of the festival. The completed work, “Nian”, was shot using just an iPhone 12 Pro Max and aimed at bringing people hope and courage in facing the unknowns in the year ahead as much of the world is still grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic. Although set in a mountainous village somewhere in China, the short coming-of-age film explores a universal dilemma that can resonate with audiences of all ages. Read more ChinaCulture.org

Loewe Taps China’s Heritage Trend for Lunar New Year

With the Lunar New Year just around the corner, brands have been busy releasing special collections for the Year of the Ox, holiday-themed video games, and, of course, brand films centered around the Spring Festival, typically emphasizing family and togetherness (a tougher-than-usual note to hit, considering that domestic travel will be curtailed for another year due to clusters of Covid-19 outbreaks). Following other recent buzzed-about productions such as Burberry’s “A New Awakening”, and Pepsi’s annual “Bringing Happiness Home” campaign, Madrid-based luxury brand Loewe recently took a novel approach with its series of three short films celebrating the diversity of Chinese folk arts associated with the holiday. Read more Content Commerce Insider