Headlines from China: IMAX Has Learned from Missing ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ 

IMAX Has Learned from Missing ‘Wolf Warrior 2’ 

In 2010, James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’ worked up Chinese audience’s appetite for IMAX movies. At that time, there were only 16 IMAX screens in major Chinese cities, and tickets to IMAX screenings of ‘Avatar’ were highly coveted. Today, there are 500 IMAX screens in China, and watching Hollywood blockbusters in IMAX theaters is not a luxury for Chinese moviegoers any more. When it comes to this year’s box office winner ‘Wolf Warrior 2,’ IMAX Entertainment CEO Greg Foster can’t help sighing, as IMAX didn’t schedule any screenings for the film until three weeks after its theatrical opening. In order not to miss the next box office dark horse in China, IMAX will schedule screenings for several upcoming domestic films to be released during New Year and Spring Festival season in China. Read more on Mtime

Chinese Live Streaming Site Douyu TV Completes A Series D Financing Round 

Recently, Chinese live streaming site Douyu TV announces that the company has completed a series D financing round. In addition, the company claims to have started making profits. According to an analyst from iResearch, Douyu TV’s success in completing a series D financing round is significant for the living streaming sector in China, as it indicates that the business model of the company is becoming mature and solid. The analyst anticipates that more and more live streaming companies will start raising money from investors, and the sector will become more competitive in the future. Read more on Ent Group 

Top 20 Entertainment Firms Owned by Chinese Celebrities (Part One)

As the Chinese film market continues to grow, it’s increasingly common for Chinese celebrities, including directors and movie stars, to tap into the business side of the industry and establish their own companies. Recently, WeChat media account “yiqipaidianying” listed top 20 entertainment firms that are owned by celebrities based on each company’s annual financial report, and information collected from news and industry insiders. Here is part one of the list, which includes ten companies: 21 Century Shengkai Film (Chen Kaige), Shanghai Professional Making Film (Han Han), Beijing Dengfeng International Media (Wu Jing), Wuxi Aimeishen Film & TV Culture (Fan Bingbing), Zhejiang Dongyang Haohan Pictures (Li Chen),  Zhejiang Dongyang Meila Media (Feng Xiaogang), Straw Bear Films (Nicky Wu), Tianjin Chengzi Yingxiang Media (Deng Chao), Dirty Monkey Films (Ning Hao), and Shanghai Zui Culture (Guo Jingming). Read more on yiqipaidianying

Previously Postponed ‘The Liquidator’ to Open Across China on December 22

Chinese suspense crime film ‘The Liquidator,’ which was previously scheduled to release on September 30 during China’s weeklong National Day holiday, has been confirmed to open in Chinese theaters on December 22, according to the film’s official poster. Adapted from hit Chinese novel ‘Evil Minds: City Light’ and staring Deng Chao and Liu Shishi, ‘The Liquidator’ is highly anticipated by Chinese audiences. Read more on Mtime