Headlines from China: Hainan Designated As the New Free Trading Zone, What Dose The Future Hold For Film Industry There?

Hainan Designated As the New Free Trade Port, What Dose The Future Hold For Its Film Industry?

Chinese authorities on Monday released a master plan for the Hainan free trade port, which aims to build this southern island into a globally integrated and influential free trading zone by 2050. Thanks to this policy boost, the local government will also level up investment in building the film festival Hainan International Film Festival. The southern island of China is no stranger to film professionals since many mainland film professionals came to Hainan every year for its stunning natural landscapes. With these new policies put into place, what is the outlook for film industry in Hainan? Read more yiqipaidianying

Cannes Film Festival Announced Official Selection, One Mainland Film Appeared On The List

The postponed 73rd Cannes Film Festival announced its official selection today. Although the festival might be canceled this year, festival director Thierry Frémaux nevertheless went on to release its official selection in order to help these films find distributors in the film market sector of the festival, which is now hosted online. Among the 56 films that made to the list, there is one film made by mainland director Wei Shujun, who also entered the short film competition section and won the honorary mention back in 2018. Read more on toroscope