Headlines from China: ‘Free Solo’ Becomes Highest-grossing Foreign Documentary in China

‘Free Solo’ Becomes Highest-grossing Foreign Documentary in China

Oscar-winning documentary Free Solo has become the highest-grossing foreign documentary in China after only one week in release. Since its release on September 6, the film has received good reviews from Chinese audiences. The film was imported by China Film Group and promoted by Alibaba Pictures as well as Alibaba’s online ticketing platform Tao Piaopiao. In addition to regular 2D screenings, the film is also being shown in Chinese theaters in 3D IMAX and CGS (China Grand Screen) formats, which allows viewers to have an even more immersive viewing experience. Read more on Ynet

Stephen Chow Collaborating with ‘Ex-Files 3’ Director Tian Yusheng on ‘The Mermaid 2’

Ex-Files 3 director Tian Yusheng’s comedy drama film The Last Wish is currently playing in Chinese theaters. And the filmmaker has started working on new projects. In a recent interview, Tian Yusheng revealed that he is currently working with renowned Hong Kong director Stephen Chow to shoot The Mermaid 2. According to Tian Yusheng, the film will again star Jelly Lin as its female lead, but the male protagonist will be played by Mahua FunAge’s actor Allen instead of Deng Chao. In addition, Kris Wu, who previously was rumored to play a leading role in the film, is in fact not in the cast. Read more on Mtime

Germany-China Animated Film ‘Pets United’ Scores Release Date

Pet United, a Germany-China co-produced animated film, has been scheduled to release in Chinese theaters on November 8. The film tells the story of a group of pets who start an adventure to save the world and people in it from unhappiness. Animal United producer/director/writer Reinhard Klooss directed the film and David Newman composed scores for the film. Crew members of the film previously worked on various renowned projects such as Despicable Me, Angry Bird and Monkey King: Hero is Back. Read more on Mtime