Headlines From China: Documentary on Country’s Evolution Wins Praise

Documentary on Country’s Evolution Wins Praise

A documentary that reveals the evolution of philosophy, governance and culture through the ages in China has won public praise with its dramatic reconstruction of historical stories, spectacular photography, sensuous musical scores and an emotional, epideictic voice-over. The 36-episode, three-season documentary, “China,” was rated 8.6 points out of 10 on the film and TV review site Douban. “Babies grow into adults with different personalities and interests because of their varied experiences and upbringing. Then, how did the country develop into today’s China over the long course of history? That’s what we want to find out in the documentary,” says director Li Dongkun. Read more China Daily 

The Luxury Brand Playbook for 2021: Copying What Works in China

Coming off of a challenging 2020 that saw revenue crater in most markets — with the big exception of mainland China — luxury brands are starting off the new year with rosier outlooks, heartened by the early distribution of Covid-19 vaccines and signs that consumers are keen to get back to pre-pandemic shopping as quickly as possible. For brands, the marketing approach for 2021 seems to be: do globally what worked in China last year. This means, in essence, a full embrace of content-commerce strategies that entertain consumers while paving a smooth path to (mostly online) purchase, leveraging data along the way to ensure that the right messaging is hitting the right eyeballs and being tweaked along the way. Read more Content Commerce Insider