Headlines From China: China’s Top Film Awards Kicks Off in Xiamen

China’s Top Film Awards Kicks Off in Xiamen

China kicks off the 33rd Golden Rooster Awards on Wednesday in Xiamen, a city of islands in China’s southeastern coast. The festival returned with a star-studded movie-themed concert and a series of festive activities. Featuring a dazzling constellation of movie actors and directors, such as Jackie Chan, the opening ceremony was staged at the Bailuzhou Park, a landmark in downtown Xiamen, showcasing a series of classic music pieces from films with musical fountains and light shows. Read more Mtime

Why Brand Sustainability is Critical in China?

In a country that used to be a symbol of pollution emissions scandals, consumers are now more conscious about sustainability, with 51 percent of urban Chinese consumers saying they would now rent or buy second-hand products. The COVID-19 pandemic has further strengthened the belief that environmental sustainability is now a necessity, and new consumer behaviors reflect this. Read more Jing Daily