Headlines From China: CCI Take: E-Commerce Livestreaming Hits the Global Mainstream

CCI Take: E-Commerce Livestreaming Hits the Global Mainstream

Livestreaming has become big business in China in recent years, as platforms and brands alike have seized the opportunity to reach consumers and nudge them along the path to seamless online purchases. From its initial roots in entertainment, where it was used by hopeful singers, comedians, and other performers to stream to fans (in exchange for virtual “gifts”), livestreaming has evolved into a critical area of focus and investment for e-commerce giants like Alibaba and JD.com as well as video platforms such as Douyin, Kuaishou, and Bilibili. Read more Content Commerce Insider

Register: How Collaborations Are Defining Experiences in China

China’s Gen Z and millennial consumers seek novel products that stand out from the crowd, fueling a rapidly evolving culture of innovative “mega-collaborations” between brands. While many brand pairings may appear extreme or even bizarre, such items are widely talked about, and their freshness and limited-time appeal can tempt young consumers to at least try new, (often affordably priced) products—which also make them attractive candidates for posting on social media, further helping to expand the reach of brands among that valuable demographic. Read more Jing Daily