Headlines From China: A List of Top Performing Foreign Films in China in 2020

A List of Top Performer Foreign Films in China in 2020

China.org.cn put together a list of imported films that had best performance in China in the year of 2020 to reflect changes in the world’s largest film market and to predict future trends. In 2019, foreign films accounted for 38% of the total gross revenue of all films released on the big screens in China. But by 2020, foreign films have only made up 16% of the roster, with most of which coming from big Hollywood studios. The withering presence of foreign films is not only due to the pandemic and release cancellations but also because there is a shift that is taking place in domestic audience’s interests and tastes. Read more China.org

Are Chinese Netizens Sick of Mass Digitization?

Recently, e-commerce giants have jumped headfirst into the community group-buying trend. But their large-scale selling of groceries is attracting much controversy. Platforms such as Meituan and Pinduoduo have taken over traditional channels for daily spending. And while some people prefer the convenience of delivered goods, many netizens have expressed concerns that because of digitalization, the once-indispensable in-person grocery market seems to be disappearing from people’s lives. “These apps are taking away the livelihood of the lower-class merchants,” one user commented. “Can these internet companies stop acting like Elon Musk?” Read more Jing Daily