Headlines from China: A List of 100 Film Costume Designers in Chinese Language Cinema


A List of 100 Costume Designers in Chinese Language Cinema

When it comes to the most memorable costume designs in Chinese language cinema, what would be your top choices? Is it the stylish Maggie Chun in “In the Mood for Love”? Or is it the handsomely dressed Brigitte Lin in “Swordsman II”? For a film to leave impression on audience’s mind, a good and fit costume design is probably the best way to stand out characters and the film itself. Here in this list, yiqipaidianying surveyed 100 Chinese costume designers, including many rising stars in the industry. Read more on yiqipaidying

The Much Loved “The Outcast 3” and the Rising Chinese Animations

One Chinese animation series made the headlines on Weibo recently with its stunning action scenes that caught many eyeballs. Young audience are genially excited about this animation series wholly made by a local Chinese team. Most early day Chinese animations were made for children and teenagers, but recent home-made animations become increasingly sophisticated, attracting a large group of adult audiences. Although the animation industry overall is still at the fledging stage, there are still a lot of hopes and expectations for a locally-bred animation industry in the future. Read more on Youhaoxifilm