Headlines from China: 25 Animation Companies’ Financial Reports Explained

25 Animation Companies’ Financial Reports Explained

In this analysis report of 25 animation companies’ 2019 performances, it is noticeable that there are in total 9 companies’ government subsidiaries exceeded their net profits, 8 companies had negative profits and only 4 of them have made profits over 100 million yuan. Although the Chinese market witnessed the phenomenon of “Ne Zha” in 2019—a single film that grossed over 5 billion yuan in total in box office, most animation companies are still struggling to make ends meet. Read more on yuyanjiayoubao

Hong Kong Film Director Wong Jing’s New Adaptation Film of Jing Yong’s “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber” Released Cast Photos

Although legendary novelist Jing Yong’s novels were often adapted into TV series, there was actually not one single film have been made based on his novel over the past 26 years. Yesterday, Hong Kong film director Wong Jing released a group of photos of the new cast members for his latest adaptation film on Jing Yong’s “The Heaven Sword and dragon Saber”. In recent Chinese film market, there were only 6 Wuxia films released in the past five years, it is possible that this new film might not perform well in this fast-changing market. Read more yiqipaidianying