DAILY BRIEF: Aug 11, 2017


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    AFM to Welcome Record Number of Chinese Executives

    The American Film Market is this year poised to see record attendance from Chinese executives. Based on early registration numbers, Chinese delegates become the second largest national group behind only the domestic U.S. attendees. Variety

  • 2

    Hollywood's China Money Heartbreak: Is the Love Affair Really Over?

    Billions have been thrown into turmoil as Chinese regulators crack down on investments, Paramount’s backer skips a payment and both Trump and some Dems adopt a protectionist stance. The Hollywood Reporter

  • 3

    In China, Surveillance Feeds Become Reality TV

    Live surveillance feeds around the country are watched by citizens who are increasingly comfortable with big brother. The Wall Street Journal

  • 4

    China-UK produced documentary to debut Friday

    The new documentary "Earth: One Amazing Day" is the first film to be produced after a Sino-UK co-production agreement was signed in 2014. Xinhua

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    'Manchester by the Sea' to be first foreign film distributed by Chinese art cinema alliance

    The Oscar-winning film marks the first time that China's Nationwide Alliance of Arthouse Cinemas, which was established last year, will distribute a foreign film to its cinemas. Global Times