DAILY BRIEF: Aug 13, 2019


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    Inside China’s Global Entertainment Ambitions – and What Might Get in the Way

    The numbers always dazzle in China. But beneath the market’s sparkling surface are riptides that have recently made the Middle Kingdom a trickier place to do business than it already was. Variety

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    China's Latest Big-Budget Sci-Fi Film 'Shanghai Fortress' Crashes After Liftoff

    The alien invasion film was highly anticipated after the $700 million success of 'The Wandering Earth' earlier this year, but it has been brought low by withering reviews and audience complaints. The Hollywood Reporter

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    Nezha’s huge success masks challenges facing China’s animation industry

    Outside of "Monkey King: Hero is Back" and "Nezha," most Chinese animated movies struggle to make money. Abacus

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    Quentin Tarantino Defends ‘Arrogant’ Portrayal of Bruce Lee in ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’

    Quentin Tarantino responded to criticisms of the “arrogant” portrayal of Bruce Lee in his latest film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” claiming that it isn’t so inaccurate after all. Variety

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    One Child Nation Reveals the Human Costs of an Infamous Chinese Law

    The hit Sundance documentary investigates the grim consequences of China’s family-planning policy in empathetic and intimate terms. The Atlantic