DAILY BRIEF: Jun 29, 2020


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    Female Entertainers Fight Ageism in Reality Show

    A band of entertainment industry "has-beens" has stepped back into the spotlight in "Older Sisters Riding Winds and Breaking Waves" (Chengfeng Polang de Jiejie), a girl group knockout reality show exclusively featuring performers older than 30. China Daily

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    Pixar Releases Chinese-subtitled Trailer for Upcoming Film 'Soul'

    A new Chinese-subtitled trailer of the computer-animated fantasy comedy film "Soul" has been released by its production company Pixar Animation Studios through social media. China Daily

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    OnePlus to Launch New Smart TV Series in India

    Chinese brand OnePlus is scheduled to launch affordable smart TV sets in India on July 2 with a price tag between 20,000 Indian rupees (267 U.S. dollars) and 50,000 Indian rupees (667 U.S. dollars), media reported on Sunday. China.org

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    In 1999, Disney's Classic 'Mulan' Flopped in China

    Although Mulan is the only Disney Princess of East Asian descent, the original Mulan cartoon was a massive flop in China when it was first released in 1999 because audiences didn't think the heroine looked Chinese enough. Insider

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    Universal Music Greater China Signs Former ‘Rocket Girls 101’ Member Sunnee

    Universal Music Greater China (UMGC), a division of Universal Music Group, said Thursday that it has signed Sunnee, a former member of popular Chinese idol group Rocket Girls 101, which disbanded earlier this week. Variety