DAILY BRIEF: Feb 11, 2019


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    ‘Wandering Earth’ Sci-Fi Film Earns $300 Million Chinese New Year Victory

    China’s first large-scale sci-fi film, “Wandering Earth” came to dominate the box office over the Chinese New Year holidays – though it started from behind. Variety

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    Berlin: China's Road Pictures Acquires Oscar Nominee 'Cold War' (Exclusive)

    The Beijing-based company plans to release Pawel Pawlikowski's critically acclaimed period drama across China in the first half of this year. The Hollywood Reporter

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    ‘Hellboy’ To Be Unleashed In China Via JL Vision Film

    Millennium Media has set an agreement with China’s JL Vision Film for the latter to distribute the 2019 Hellboy reboot in the Middle Kingdom. Lionsgate is opening it domestically April 12. The China date is not yet set, though April 12 is the aim. Deadline

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    Huanxi Media CEO on Launching High-End Streaming Service, Plans to Team With Hollywood

    Steven Xiang discusses signing China's most prominent directors, his transition from attorney to film exec, and his thoughts on a coming so-called "cold winter" in the Chinese movie business. The Hollywood Reporter

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    How Alibaba Makes Its Money

    The company's top line benefits from a number of growing businesses, including e-commerce platforms, physical stores, and even a movie ticketing platform. But just three of Alibaba's business segments are responsible for 99% of the $17 billion in revenue it reported for the past quarter. Let's take a quick look at them. The Motley Fool