DAILY BRIEF: Jan 12, 2018


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    China’s Fifth Generation Filmmakers May Have Lost Their Touch, Judging by Poor Ticket Sales For 'Legend of the Demon Cat"

    Lacklustre box-office showing for Chen Kaige’s no-expense-spared fantasy, after poor reception for Zhang Yimou’s The Great Wall, suggests China’s most acclaimed filmmakers lack appeal for today’s cinema-goers. South China Morning Post - Post Magazine

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    Review: In ‘Bitter Money,’ Documenting China’s Textile Boom

    For viewers unfamiliar with the rewardingly arduous documentaries of the Chinese filmmaker Wang Bing, “Bitter Money” won’t be the easiest place to start. A determined, mostly unobtrusive observer of China’s dispossessed, Mr. Wang works in a demanding mode of vérité, allowing scenes to play out at length and providing little in the way of exposition. The New York Times

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    ‘Detective Chinatown 2’ Director Chen Sicheng On Filming Sequel In New York

    Writer-director Chen Sicheng this past fall completed Detective Chinatown 2, the sequel to his 2016 hit that grossed $126M worldwide and landed in the Top 10 of all films at the Middle Kingdom box office that year. Deadline

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    China’s Maturing Film Industry Influencing International Asian Representation

    The first Chinese-Italian co-production film "Coffee" recently premiered in Beijing to a venue full of film industry veterans and critics. It is a notable contribution to China’s growing and maturing film market, which has seen a steady increase over the past five years in genre and content diversity. International Examiner

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    Could K-Film Ever Be As Popular As K-Pop In Asia?

    We all know about the growing popularity of South Korean cultural products in Asia, first with K-drama, and then K-pop. What’s next? It's likely to be K-films. In Hong Kong, the South Korean film "Train to Busan" was the second-top earner in the box office in 2016. Forbes