DAILY BRIEF: Mar 17, 2017


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    China's Crackdown On Capital Flight Is Claiming Some Of Its First (And Biggest) Victims

    China’s capital control measures have triggered a strong backlash from some of the country’s corporate chiefs. They complain that the restrictions are thwarting their expansion abroad. Forbes

  • 2

    China Game Developers Battle Crackdown on Content

    No blood, assassins, or short skirts, rules China's censors, as game publishers try to tackle the $24 billion market, the largest in the world. Financial Times

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    Hong Kong Pay TV Sector Hits Stormy Weather

    Pay TV operators – including one which may soon stop operating – are finding it increasingly harder to stay profitable as online services take hold. South China Morning Post

  • 4

    Daniel Wu on Why He Almost Didn't Star On 'Into the Badlands'

    Wu talked to CBS News about what fans can expect in Season 2, what it’s like to train for a martial arts show and how his transition from Hong Kong to Hollywood has been going. CBS News

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    The 'Iron Fist' White Savior Controversy: Creator and Stars Respond to the Backlash

    "Iron Fist" stars Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick, along with showrunner Scott Buck, address concerns over casting and cultural appropriation in Marvel’s latest Netflix show. The Daily Beast